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How To convert pdf to word in pc

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Which software converts PDF to Word in a PC?
There are many software to convert a PDF to Word. SmartSoft Free PDF to Word Converter, Weeny Free PDF to Word Converter, FM Free PDF To Word Converter are some of these software. You can check a full list here 12 Best Free PDF to Word Converter Software.These software basically let you convert PDF to DOC, DOCX, etc. formats. Some even let you convert multiple PDF files to Word format at once.
How do I convert a Marathi PDF to Word?
Its not about marathi pdf language doesn't make any difference in pdf file the steps of conversion is same for all.By The following steps you can easily convert pdf file into word document.1.Open a file in Change Pdf To Editable /4422619 How To Convert Pdf To Word In Pc.2.Click on the Export PDF tool in the right pane.3.Choose Microsoft Word as your export format, and then choose Word Document.4.Click Export. ...5.Name the Word file and save it in a desired location.These five steps are easiest way to convert an pdf file into word document
How can I convert PDF document to Word doc on my Android and still forward it to my laptop?
Thanks for the A2A! I never tried to do this on a mobile device. I would think the better way to do it would be to perform the conversion from a desktop application. Still, I wanted to see if it was possible...I downloaded OfficeSuite and tried that as suggested by the other answers, but it seems that the PDF to DOC feature is not available in the free version.I then found a completely free Android app called Able2Doc:Able2Doc PDF to WordAfter you install it, you select the file you want to convert (it can be on your Android device, on Google Drive, wherever), then select Open With - Able2Doc. It then uploads the file to their site, converts it, and downloads it to your device. (On mine, it was stored in /storage/sdcard0/Android/data/ don't have MS Office on my PC, so I tried to open the generated doc in OpenOffice, but I got a corrupt doc warning. I was able to open it in Google Docs. It displayed, including images, with just a few minor issues (text alignment, image taking up an entire page for some reason). I would suggest trying it with Microsoft Word to see. It may look perfect there. It was easy to use. Only thing I don't like is uploading it to their site to perform the conversion. Bigger files may take a little while too. Give it a try.
Is there a way to convert a LaTeX thesis into Word format without affecting the quality?
First, let's look at why you want to do this. LaTeX outputs well as PDF, and many publishers take submissions as PDF and many copyeditors can work with PDF. If you can, stay with LaTeX/PDF.However, some collaborators, publishers and copyeditors only work with Word-formatted files. For this, you'll need a converter direct to Word formatting or to a format Word can open such as .rtf or HTML.There are many options available online:[1][2][3][4] some of them using command lines and some a GUI, some are free, trial, or paid, some are used via a webpage and some are downloadable, some are cross-platform and some are specific to Windows, Mac, or Linux, some work better with OpenOffice or LibreOffice than MS Word itself. Which is suitable for you will depend on how many documents you wish to convert and whether you can afford to pay. Also see answers to What is the best software to convert LaTeX to word?, which Quora Content Review decided not to merge this question to.Assuming free options are preferable, you might try:TeX4ht, which converts to HTMLOpen the PDF directly in Word, which will lose some but not all of the formattingOutput as PDF and use a PDF to Word converter - there are manyPandocrtf2latex2eAuthorea - free if you don't mind your document being publicthe \TeX to HTML translatorFootnotes[1] Converters from LaTeX to PC Textprocessors - Overview[2] How to convert a scientific manuscript from LaTeX to Word using Pandoc?[3] How do I convert LaTeX into a Microsoft Word Document?[4]
How do I convert PDF file into excel on PC without loosing data on a PC?
You can do that this way :How to convert a PDF file to Excel:Open a file in Change Pdf To Editable /4422619 How To Convert Pdf To Word In Pc.Click on the Export PDF tool in the right pane.Choose spreadsheet as your export format, and then select Microsoft Excel Workbook.Click Export. ...Name the Excel file and save it in a desired location.Source : Convert PDF to Excel, PDF to XLSX converter | Change Pdf To Editable /4422619 How To Convert Pdf To Word In Pc Change Pdf To Editable /4422619 How To Convert Pdf To Word In Pc DCAlternatively, you may do this :Use the Nitro Software, a trial version is available for free on their website. If that expires and you still need to continue, worry not, there are many online services, just google and upload your pdf and convert it. It can he downloaded as excel sheet easily.The websites work fine, but the software is a bit hassle-free, and ensures your job is done even when you're offline.PDF2EXCEL - Convert PDF to EXCELPDF to Excel Converter
How can I convert PDF files to Excel on a PC?
This is a very common problem among bankers, accountants, small business owners, Payroll employees, and pretty much anyone who uses Excel. There are a few different versions on the market for this type of conversion but after much reason Cogniview LLC has the best solution. PDF To Excel Converter for Pros ✔✔ Cogniview has a great preview tool that lets you see exactly how to data is going to look before you convert it into excel and that helps for a number of reasons. You can see what columns and rows are going to look like. You can tamper and correct the data BEFORE you convert which saves time. By far the best solution is Cogniview. The nice thing is they also have an OCR and Enterprise edition that will enable you to convert Scanned documents which can be tricky. OCR stand for "Optimal Character Recognition" and is a computer program that is incorporated into the software. PDF2XL Enterprise Online Purchase PDF2XL OCR Purchase | CogniView Once you buy their product it is yours for life so you dont have any pay any monthly fees. They usually have some discounts going on when I check the site but out of all the options this one is probably the best. There is a 60 sec demo on the main web page that helps explain how easy this is to complete.
What is a life hack that you think everybody should know?
99 Awesome Life Hacks That Everyone Should Know. This Changes Everything In My Everyday Life.1.The best and easiest way to pale a kiwi fruit. Works like a charm and it’s so simple. It also works on other fruits.2. So easy, just turn on the toaster.But be careful. Breadcrumbs can imply a risk of fire.3. Coffee beans can be used for a lot of things.4. Frozen grapes are perfect with a glass of wine.5. A laundry basket can keep the toys in its place.6. A bedspread works perfectly as a hammock when you’re having a day off.7. Uncolored nail polish will make sure your buttons will stick.8. Sometimes it doesn’t take that much to get the engine running.9. You no longer need to worry about butter that’s been hardened.10. Keep your brownies fresh by putting an end of your loaf in the same drawer.11. No alcohol in the park? This is how easy you can disguise your beer can.12. A dry tea bag in the shoes or in your trunk and the smell is gone.13. How genius! And it works very well with strawberries as well.14. Finally I know how to fold my clothes properly.15. If your batteries are the wrong size…16. Buy black ink for red pencils. Because no one will steal a red pen.17. A straightener can be used for so many things apart from your hair.18. Pantyhose for the vacuum cleaner and it’s really easy to found small stuff like earrings.19. An onion ring forms the perfect shape on a fried egg.20. Hide emergency money when you travel.21. Are you tired of cables lying all over the place?22. Recharge your phone on your trip? Most of the televisions have a USB port.23. Tired of the annoying little piece of soap that lasts? Put it together with a new one.24. With this way it will be so much easier to pale an egg. Just put the boiled egg in cold water and roll towards the table. The shell will release immediately. Amazing!25. The beer mat means: I’m on the toilet and will be back.26. Use the light from your phone and place it under a bottle of water to create a lamp.27. Tired of ads in your inbox? Search for unsubscribe.28. The fly will no longer go down.29. Choose a password with a special character, no one will ever figure it out.30. This is how you take a nap on the bus without losing your bag.31. An old ketchup cork will make wonders for your vacuum cleaner.32. With a bottle of Listerine and some paint it’s easy to smuggle booze when you travel.33. Perfect if you have some space left in your kitchen.34. Put a glass of water in the microwave and the edges won’t get sticky.35. With a spring from an old pen your cable won’t bend and break.36. No more scratches on the car door.37. A clever way to keep an eye on the tape.38. When the popcorn is done, open a small hole so you can pour out the ones unpopped.39. It’s so easy to get a speaker for your cellphone.40. Are the kids tired of brown slices of apples? A piece of elastic solves the problem and keeps the apples tasty and fresh.41. A six-pack will be perfect the next time you’re having a barbecue.42. Glue a tennis ball anywhere and you can keep anything you want there.43. No cup holder? A shoe works just fine.44. This is how you avoid banging the hammer on your fingers.45. A frozen mushroom in a plastic bag is perfect as an ice pack.46. Make a hole in the center when you warm your food and it will be heated perfectly.47. Next time you move: Put heavy things like books in the suitcase since the boxes get too heavy and will break.48. The childbed does not need to be worthless when the children are grown-ups.49. Now I know exactly which one of the earphones that is the left one.50. This is another way to use a hanger.51. Tired of cables falling apart? Tie them together.52. Roll a wet napkin around your drink and it will get cold in no time if you put it in the freezer.53. Cleaning the oven is both difficult and boring. But with some baking powder you need no chemicals. And it’s super easy! Here’s the trick!54. This is how you iron your clothes with no effort what-so-ever.55. With a paper on the bottom it won’t seep from the garbage.56. Amazingly clever way to separate the eggs.57. This is how you get more space in the microwave.58. If you can’t open your can, duct tape will do the trick.59. A cheap way cleaning your toilet. Always Coca Cola!60. Put on flight mode to recharge your batteries faster.61. Look at the gas meter – the tank lid is placed to your left.62. Use sticks when you eat cheese dooldes and you won’t get sticky fingers..63. Try to get rid of the chicken bones beforehand.64. A little squeeze on the banana and it will be easy to pale.65. Create a bag for your laptop with a sweater.66. How many days is it this month? Knuckle 31 and the space in between 30 (except for February that has 28).67. Narrow parking spot? You have a better turning radius if you reverse your car.68. How strange it may sound: it works. Keep the remote control for your key under your chin with your mouth open and it reaches 15 meters further.69. Tired of crying when you chop onions? Do it like this.70. It’s so simple to fill up a bucket of water.71. Never more ruined nails when handling all your keys.72. You’ll never again waste any paint.73. A walnut will do the trick on your tired tree furniture.74. An old toilet paper roll keep the gift paper in its place.75. No more kids falling out of bed.76. The shoe storage is brilliant to organize your cleaning equipment.77. Those plastic boxes that were impossible to open.78. Toothpaste is not only good for your teeth.79. Almost for free.80. Perfect when you’re going to the beach.81. Nail polish is good too know all your keys.82. With a small device from your can you’ll get one more hook and more space in your closet.83. With vinegar in a bag during the night everything will be clean.84. Genius! The seat warmer will keep your pizza warm.85. The best way to make pancakes.86. Dental floss is perfect to use to cut soft cookies and cakes.87. No flat-iron? Put the wet shirts in a tumble drier with a wet towel. Voilá!88. I never need to look for the remote ever again.89. Ice cubes for breakfast!90. A piece of cardboard in a plastic box and your important files will never get wet or folded.91. Hard time getting up in the morning? The phone in a glass will do the trick.92. Have someone pushed on all the buttons in the elevator? Try pushing every button twice. It may work.93. You no longer need to worry about the kids or the toilet getting soaking wet.94. The eyeglass case is perfect for cables when you travel.95. Tired of annoying ads in your mobile games? Put on flightmode and they’re gone.96. A straw fixes the strawberries.97. Pouring rain outside and you forgot the umbrella? Step inside to the closest bar. They usually have a bunch of forgotten umbrellas you can borrow.98. Don’t burn yourself on the little light. Instead, just do it with spaghetti.99. A wodden spoon and it won’t boil over.THANKS..!!!
What are some good internet hacks?
Google Tricks: We all use Google for searching but its time to explore the funny side of Google.Here I have collected the top  funny Google tricks that will amaze you.Some of the tricks are provided by Google itself while other have been developers.1. Google Gravity:-Go to Google Type Google GravityClick on I’m feeling LuckyNow you will see the effect of gravity on google.The google icon will fall down automatically.You can even pickup and throw google icon anywhere2. Turn Google into arcade game Game:-Go to Google Type zerg rushClick on I’m feeling Lucky try and stop the “o” invasion. 3. Make Google roll:-Go to Google Type do a barrel rollClick on I’m feeling Lucky4. Change Background Image:-You can also change the background image of google http://image.To change the background image follow the instructions, Go to Google Click on the Change Background ImageLogin with gmail username and upload Image(May not work with new Google)5. Epic Google:-In epic google you will see the font size of google increasing automatically as if it will come out of your computer http://screen.To use google Follow the instructions Go to Google Type Epic GoogleClick on I’m feeling Lucky6.Google Sphere:-Google Sphere is a fun trick. It will start rotating all links on google in sphere. you can change rotation of sphere by moving cursor.Follow The Below StepsGo to Google homepageType Google sphereClick on I’m feeling Lucky7. Google Hacker:-want to see how the google homepage will look if it gets hacked .Follow the instructions below,Go to Google Type Google HackerClick on I’m feeling Lucky8. Annoying Google:-In this trick the capitalisation of your searches will change automatically.Some words will change into small letter and some into capital letters in your search result.Want to try it follow the instructionsGo to Google Type Annoying GoogleClick on I’m feeling Lucky9. Google Loco:-In This Trick Google Logo Will Dancing In Free Mod, To Try This Out Follow The Instructions,Go To Google Type Google LocoClick On I’m feeling lucky10.GET RETRO GOOGLEGo To Google Type google in 1998Click On I’m feeling lucky11.NIGHT MODEDo everything in night modeHere’s the code to copy and paste into your URL bar:data:text/html,charset=utf-8,%20titleNotepad%20(Nightmode)/titlebody%20contenteditable%20style="font-family:%20DejaVu,font-weight:bold,background:#1E1E1E,color:#FFFFFF,font-size:1rem,line-height:1.4,max-width:80rem,margin:0%20auto,padding:2rem,"%20spellcheck="false"12. Best one: try this (on PC) - Krishnakant Bhargava's answer to Fear: What are some of the most scary things to do? source:PC TRICKS: INTERNET  (This is my blog where you can find some cool stuff and interesting internet hacks including facebook and youtube hacks.)
How can I convert a Word document to a PDF?
There are many options.1. In Word 2010 users, go to Share - Create PDF Document and directly save the Word to PDF.2. If Office/Word 2007 is used, you can download  2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS then save the Word or Excel/PowerPoint to PDF.3. The add-in does support Office 2003 and before version, so you need to download a third party app like PDF Creator Lite that also supports Word 2007/2010 version.4. If you have installed Change Pdf To Editable /4422619 How To Convert Pdf To Word In Pc Change Pdf To Editable /4422619 How To Convert Pdf To Word In Pc Pro, you can directly import the Word and save as PDF, as it is a pdf creator, supports all Word version.