How Can You Convert PDF to Word without a Converter?

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How can you convert PDF to Word without a converter?

By definition, you can’t convert without a converter. Word’s native format is largely binary, and totally-different from PDF. In order to import your document from PDF, or change an existing disk file to Word format from PDF, a converter is necessary. There are freeware converters out there for download. Some of them OCR your PDF to a format readable by Word, others do a byte-by-byte conversion. Failing that, IF the text in your PDF is stored as text and not a graphic image, you can just highlight the PDF text and paste directly into Word. You will have some cleanup to do; page numbers will be included in the copied text and will come into your Word layout as separate paragraphs in the text stream. You also might have to remove “hard returns” at the end of every line, which you can do with Search-and-Replace. If the PDF text can’t be selected with the mouse, you’ll have to find a way to OCR it.

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

This means there are multiple versions of PDF, and each text stream in the PDF has to be OCR'd individually and the PDF image to be OCR'd individually. As for importing text: PDF documents can ’t be imported directly from computers, that is why I personally use Microsoft's software: PPDF Viewer (Free for Windows & Linux users, see the PPDF’s download section for details). PPDF Viewer enables you to view text embedded in PDF files. It uses the PDF Text to Speech Engine. Text embedded in a PDF file has to be OCR'd individually, as there are different kinds of text encoding. Thus, you can’t open a PDF file and start Oaring text. For importing text without changing its encoding, PPDF Viewer is a great alternative. On Macs for example, PPDF Viewer is available for installation under Applications → Utilities (for Mac OS X users) → File VFS On Unixes or Windows/Linux, the easiest way.

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